Pk Innovatives

Internship at Pk Innovatives

Our goal is to improve everyone we come into contact with by improving their quality of life and bringing prosperity and success into their lives. We think that everyone has the ability to realise this goal. For this reason, we consider a student’s character, perspective, and desire in addition to their GPA and scores on standardised tests when evaluating their application for an internship.


Pk Innovatives Internship Program

In order to assist nurture and develop new talent, Pk Innovatives searches for the sharpest brains each year for the Pk Innovatives Internship Programme. We offer practical instruction and mentorship in the academic domains of the students. We work with the relevant counsellors to help current high school students get the most out of their internships by utilising project experience, credits, certificates, and reference letters. At the time of Pk Innovatives, interns have been accepted to many Ivy League universities, and graduates have been placed in careers.



We provide internships to students interested in Analytics , Front-end Development , Back-end Development and UI/UX .

What The Interns Do

Through the Pk Innovatives Internship Programme, interns may quickly pick up knowledge of the aforementioned technologies while working on projects that help them further their education. They will receive direction from knowledgeable mentors during their internship to help them go in the proper directions.

The Internship Journey

Every internship is tailored to the specific requirements of the student. The three-month internship programme, equivalent to a semester, will provide interns with a supervised learning experience catered to their requirements and areas of interest in programming and technology. In order to enhance their resumes for professional or college applications, successful interns usually prolong this period to six months or a year. Interns will be assigned a capstone project at the conclusion of the programme, which will be a sizable project intended to exhibit and highlight all of the information they have gained while working at Pk Innovatives.


As mentioned previously, paid internships are awarded to select individuals who have demonstrated academic excellence and are able to demonstrate their skills in active projects. All internships are awarded the following 4 areas purely based on performance and internship outcome

Letter of Recommendation

Interns will receive a custom letter to be used for further education or for career opportunities

Resume Referral

Interns can display their internship supervisor’s contact information as a referral directly on their resume once they’ve received permission

Industry Related Certification

Interns will have the opportunity to enroll in paid certification programs to help elevate their hands-on skills for their specific field

Job Placement

For undergraduate and graduate students only based purely on the recommendation of their internship supervisor